The body the voice of the soul
Reading in Stephanie Rew paintings A

By: Faaiz Y. Alhamdani /Iraq

The human body, (which remained almost impossible to be reduced in abstract painting) still a standard of beauty, that’s made the painters since early renascence consider the naked bodies of goddesses as the optimum representation for purity and perfection, that keeps them out of the scope of our physical appetite. This approach which Edward Manet picked a quarrel with, in his painting a (lunch on the grass). This artwork had been described by emperor napoleon the 3rd as indecent. Here the departure appears, all what Manet did is making one of the two girls looks to us. By this he gave them the form of mortal human beings. He played with the holly feminine pose. By making one of the girls communicate with us through her eyes. Hence she step-down from the gods world. In the classic painting the goddesses are not interested in observer as they practice their ceremonies, and that’s what makes them beyond our reach.

With time our look to the nude become more transparent, that we see the philosophy of fashion designers has change from the interest how to cover the body in elegant way to how to expose the body in elegant way. From this view we can understand the vision of Stephanie rew, although she concentrate on the theme (how does the woman deals with her physical existence). She is interested in that immortal silent conversation between the woman and her body, and most of her paintings shows the deep unity (like a pray), between women and their soft bodies. They are so kind with their physical entity as they consider it as a reflection of their soul, this soul which find its happiness in its harmony with the body and the harmony of the body with who knows how to deal with it. Stephanie rew is trying to transfer the worship of goddess’s immortal bodies to mortal women bodies by capturing women in moments where they live worm talks with their physical existence.



Stephanie believes that the body is the best that can transmit messages. Perhaps she considers the body and the soul as the two facets of the coin. And she tried to show this through picking the poses of soft conversation between the figures and their bodies. The message of Stephanie painting, as I believe is that body-this physical existence does not need goddess to be seen and appreciated as should it be, away from our physical appetite. All we should do is to understand how is the female live with her body, in order to understand this body and understand the soul that it represents.
Bodies in Stephanie paintings do not differ from those in Manet paintings except in their postures that are devoted to convey the message that Stephanie wants to say. In many times Stephanie covers the hot spots in the body and expose what we can we say neutral spots, in order do avoid cutting the tiny silk between beauty and excitement. Although she is positively sure that, the moments of pure talk between her women and their bodies will make us respect their mortal physical existence.
You cannot look on a woman spirit away from her body. And you cannot understand the language of female body away from her soul. Stephanie believes that the body through its conservative movements can be continuity for the woman spirit.
If the art message is to reveal the depth of the existence, so the best way to reveal woman soul is through the body, as Stephanie believes.