Impacted wisdom tooth

The following pictures, were taken for surgical extraction of lower 3rd molar for 21 years old female who attend oral surgery clinic in Alkarama specialized dentistry center/Baghdad. These pictures can be used as a guide for beginner dentists, as it illustrates, step by step, the procedure for removal of some how straight forward case of class 1, b impacted lower 3rd molar (right side), Picture no 1

Picture no 2 shows the shape of flap after incision making, which is mostly 2 sided flap with vertical incision extends from distal aspect of lower 1st molar slightly above the buccal vestibule, upward and backward involving distal gingival of lower 2nd molar tooth. The horizontal incision extends in the mid way between buccal and lingual sides to the origin of external oblique ridge.

Picture no 3 shows the surgical field after flap retraction. Notice how it should expose sufficient bone mesial, distal and downward directions.

Picture no 4 shows the surgical field after bone removal which should expose depth of the root by creating a tunnel like opening with additional bone removal from mesial aspect of the tooth for elevator application as in picture no 5

                                 no 4                                                      no 5

Picture no 6 shows the final step in this procedure. As the picture shows one stich may be enough to close the surgical wound.

It's mandatory to irrigate e the wound by physiological saline to ensure clean wound post operatively.

This patient was prophylactic antibiotic cover as single dose preoperatively.