Dedicated to: Ali Zayni 

Come to my loneliness friend
I dont like the evening
Over looking an empty balcony 

Come from the sun you the son of lights
To shine in my page as a song 

Come and shatter my everlasting darkness 
With your tender colors 

Come to my lonesome in the seasons
And flourish in its land as a rivulet 

Come to reconcile with my dull autumn
With its withered leaves  

Come to put in this way which
Passes heavily, the steps of recovery

Come to my loneliness friend
I will give you its noble sadnesses.

Translated by: Rana Saadi



Heart of singer

 When the tunnel
Why do we enflame
Distances with steps?
Is it what the heart sees,
When breaking the silence,
A body as soft as

 Or what stirs questions
When kisses shine
Like stars on lips


When letters of life are
picked up
by a bare book
how does the sin lose


When the space is stolen
by absentminded doors
how do we meet 

why do we depart
when strangeness haunts,
the corners of intimacy 

What do the soul expects
from the bodys usual
Is it what wisdom darns,
of realitys cracks? 

Could desires be fuels of the disappointment!

Translated by Zainab Ahmad





We say farewell in the stationslonging for your letters
And read your cups seeing your destiny after leaving
And water your days with nostalgia
And memorize your address for the leaving time
You have places in the hearts
You have pictures on the old wall
You have laughter in the mirrors


The night of our pains doesnt fit
Thats why we pack our countries for leaving
You the road of handkerchiefs,
how heavy the luggage of traveling.

Translated by Rana Saadi


Love poem

The time still peaceful
Though I will write another song
In your eyes
But your eyes are a silky thought
That is never touched by words,
The lust of early voices,
Things that child never drew
On papers
Your eyes carry the details of tomorrow
And what dream,
left on a sleeping child
Your eyes is most admirable face
of death
Your eyes I do not know
What thing they are  they disturb the whole
So how will I sing?

Translated by Kawther Adnan


A face of blue background

At the beginning, was the blue
And the paintbrush was waiting
 to hold the youthful space. 

the painting was a destiny
Intermediates the extent distance
Which blessed all the colors
Giving all spectrums of rainbow
Each part of place  

And for the sake of this;
Virgin is the color of truth
That makes the painting bigger
And areas fly with sadness 

These were the teacher words
He was carrying a brush of lonesome
And a ballet of repentance 

His eyes poured down dry shadows
He wipes them with his mothers cloak 

We were seven colors
Each one of us carries a space
And seven brush storks remain
For the question to complete 

The bell rangwe got out
Waving with all our childhood
Leaving the face vanishes behind the chaos.

Translated by Faaiz Alhamdani